Starting a business in a bootstrap way not in silicon valley but in india

Whenever i am reading techcrunch or any news site / blog , they are totally filled up with funding stories not many times profitable business . i am writing this blog as our profitable business journey about webkul – and you know we built it by bootstrap way no funding nothing not even from a single penny from our parents . so as per our experience during this wonderful journey i am going to explain some of they very valid point which might be useful for other bootstrapped business modal

Every company has a story – every startups should have a story may be that story should not be that fancy like dropbox , youtube or Facebook but it must contain a story . From story my meaning is you should have something very brilliant in your business modal e.g brilliant custom support , brilliant business idea , brilliant delivery timing or brilliant customer response but there must be something unique which can be turned as your company USP in future so you need to focused on day one to build your company story as at webkul our biggest story is our customer support
Build content and culture as much as possible – Building content is the best way to to building your company which will be always with your company . @ webkul we are developing plugin for best open source platforms like magento , joomla , prestashop and opencart and we are still doing it in as many platforms and in as many areas that’s why we are world top module development company
Recently we have started developing templates in to those platforms so what I am trying to explain is that you must build content may be its not product but your services , your portfolio , your blog entries and many more content which will lead to a massive content stack in few years .

Generating money or oxygen I can say ? startups are all about business that means you should have earn money from the day one else you will not survive in the bootstrap business . let me share a story how we did it how we started – we started developing modules from popular platform from our college days and by unique ideas and brilliant concept we two started earning a live saving money by which we can survive in a single room flat ( it looks toxic at that time but still we were loving it ) and we keep developing modules in more and more platform including
Facebook Apps
OpenERP Apps
and as we keep generating profit , we keep building our team and content and now we are a team of 40+ people world wide with world best marketplace and OpenERP Connect product with more than 20,000 customers in globe .
so in bootstrapping way you must earn money from day one and you need to do it quite fast else you will not survive . Ideas might be different but it should be fast and money generating.

Team and Customers – your team ( I hate calling them employee as we do work as a team so we call each other as a team ) are your best asset and resource so as a founder you always need to care about them not only in office hours only but many times personal , like at webkul we do monthly team meat in which we discuss everything literally everything with our team and if they have some genuine issue we are always ready to resolve that and it’s a strong storing advice to all the startups you always care about your team

Customers are the second most aspect of any starups – as per Indian standards “customers are god” and yes they are god for us we do care a lot literally a lot . Customer happiness is I guess the best marketing strategy in the world

And as Jeff Bezos said “you should be rigid in your vision but flexible in detail ”

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