OpenCart Product Testimonial

OpenCart Product Testimonial – is a superb module by which user can add testimonial  for particular products and customer can view all testimonials for related product.

OpenCart Product Testimonial - is a superb module by which user can add testimonial  for particular products and customer can view all testimonials for related product.


  1. All customer configured -pagination,sorting according to wish.
  2. Customer can add testimonials and update and delete them.
  3. Admin confirmation for all testimonials and can delete and update them.
  4. Amazing transaction effects.
  5. Testimonial display with all info. Customer Website, Email, Name etc.



You may visit complete list of modules for Opencart right here and Now we are going to illustrate how to install and  use opencart Store Locator in detail.

Installation of the module:

Installation of the module is child play you just need to drag your admin, catalog and vqmod folder in opencart root folder and it will be installed .

1. If VQMOD is already installed in your system * just copy the “vqmod/xml” folder data into your  ”/vqmod/xml/” folder to your installed “vqmod/xml”.

2. If VQMOd is not installed in your system then just copy full Vqmod folder from root directory and then go to your website frontside or frontpage and write this after url  /vqmod/install.


vQmod images


then in Admin panel go to System > User >Usergroup and edit ‘Top Administrator’ and choose select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.


After that under extension->module menu install Product Testimonial module.


after installation edit this and add to product page


After save this move is added to your product page here login user can Submit testimonial and any one can see testimonials


After click Submit Testimonial


Customer complete these fields and save. After this when admin approve this testimonial then it display.

Admin manage all Testimonial under Catalog > Testmonial.


Here admin can Update, Delete testimonials


After approve testimonial display after click on View Testimonial.And customers can update and delete their testimonials but not others.


Testimonial with Sorting and Pagination


After click on edit customer can edit testimonial and Update that one.


After change Topic in testimonial


After Click on Delete customer can delete testimonial


And this is full view of testimonial after click on Read More..


All of those information are very much self explanatory still have any doubt please add a support ticket

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