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you are the customer of your products

you are the customer of your products – in early startup days when you have no idea who are going to buy your product or who will be your first customers then the best way to handle this situation is to become the first customer of your products . what i really want to describe is when you will treat your product as a customer then you will surely look in to those aspects which a developer or creator will not look in to it also in this way you can do a lot of market research and marketer for your products and same things happen with us at webkul  , we build marketplace module for magento because we were already awar with what a marketplace is and why it is needed for all the commerce platforms like prestashop , opencart and joomla , we always build those product which we care about at webkul we dont build baby products are immature products because we are developers in it self and we care a lot about the pain which we are understanding .

as an exmaple for the best marketplace module for magento we thought a lot about it at that time only few baby marketplace module exist but none of them realise what a store owner or merchant  is looking  for as a sole developer you cant understand that what a store owner or shop admin can understand .

as we have a dedicated store ( we understand every point for multi vendor marketplace


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